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Some background

I have practiced as a psychotherapist for about eight years now. 

What led me to chose this professional path was a Gestalt Psychotherapist whom I met  in my mid-twenties, when I urgently needed support in my life. In the process of seeking a therapist, I had in mind that I would have to meet someone special for me as I didn't trust easily. 

I met this person after seeing a couple more therapists and she became a sort of guide in my life. I had therapy on and off for a few years both individually and in her Gestalt group.

Jo passed away in 2013 which affected me more than I would have imagined. A few months after her death, I decided to go on a trek to the St James' Way (Siantago de Compostela), starting the journey in the South of France. My intention was to take time off the fast-paced-moving world, and I was hoping to find answers to my existential questions as I walked.  What changed is that I became more receptive and attentive to what the world could bring me. The following year - just out of curiosity - I decided to start a short introductory course in Counselling. I realised after this training that this was my professional path.  

My own personal therapeutic journey is unique and not everyone is meant to have such a deep and meaningful relationship with their counsellor or psychotherapist for the healing to work. Mine was quite unique I'd like to think. I specifically chose her as I felt really present in her presence. I could not avoid myself.

My personal story about my therapeutic relationship is an example of how far therapy can take you in really becoming and embodying yourself.... 

These are the other professional and educational experiences I had that are connected to helping roles :

I supported individuals (children and adults) with Learning Difficulties, Autism and Asperger's syndrome, for about 15 years in various countries such as, Switzerland, France and England. 

I also used to work with foreign children in France to facilitate their integration and adaptation to the French School System. It was a special program to help them feel welcome in the French School. There was a great variety of backgrounds (Europeans,  Africans and South Americans). The learning was based on play and oral language. This experience reinforced my interest in non-verbal communication.

I did a one year residential art course in my twenties, whilst living in a community . We were learning a little bit of biodynamic gardening as well looking after the animals of the farm. The explorative art work was broad: copper work, stone carving, painting, clay modelling, theatre and singing. 

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