Some background

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I have worked in helping roles for about 15 years.

I supported individuals (children and adults) with Learning Difficulties, Autism and Asperger's syndrome, for about 15 years. I practiced this profession in three European countries such as, Switzerland, France and England. 

I also used to work with foreign children in France to facilitate their integration/adaptation to the French School System. It was a special program to help them feel welcome in the French School. There was a great variety of backgrounds (European, gipsy, African, Asian and some were alliterate). The learning was based on play and oral language (non-verbal as much as verbal). Again, this has shown me how to build bridges between differences, yet, value each person's specific ways of being. 

"The Foyer Michael": This is an anthroposophical course on Art and Educational skills based on Rudolph Steiner philosophy (otherwise called Waldorf Education) that I did in my late twenties and that changed my life considerably. Living in the community and learning about biodynamic gardening, art & craft work like copper, stone carving, painting, clay modelling, theatre and singing. The learning in this course was connecting the cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the human, valuing the uniqueness of each person.